Welcome to PCNC

This is an Open Source Project for controlling CNC machines under KDE.
This Project is made public by the license GPL v2, that you get with this software.
Be aware if you make changes or add parts to this software you have to make that over this Project public too, that everybody can use such great features.

If you have such a machine from Wabeco with the HSE electronic you can get the controlling programmes from me for 290.- € +tax.
If you have an other step based maschine that can be controlled directly from a computer, that would be also no problem if you can say what computer interface is used, that we can figure out the bits to get your machine work.
Maybe you know that all and you want to program your own controlling software you find all that's necessary under The Controlling.

There will be changes on the interface from version to version and many things about the controlling can change. So I think that I first sell the controlling software to people in my region because of distance and support.
But feel free to ask me.

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